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Biofinity Toric Biofinity Toric

Cooper Vision Biofinity Toric

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  • if you have astigmatism, your eyesight is blurry with both near and far objects. Biofinity® toric contact lenses can correct this vision problem and offer you much more.With Biofinity toric contacts, you can wear them up to 7 days in a row—all with a premium level of comfort. From early morning to late, late evenings, your eyeglasses can stay in their case as you experience the freedom you’ve always wanted in contact lenses.. Biofinity toric’s soft silicone hydrogel lenses also allow your eyes to receive plenty of oxygen, and you’ll enjoy stable orientation and clearer vision due to Biofinity toric’s optimized toric lens design..

General Features

  • Brand Name: Cooper Vision
  • Product Name: Biofinity Toric
  • Replacement: Monthly (What does this mean ?)
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Category: Contact Lenses

Body Features

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